I'm Astri. I was born on August 13, 1990 in Jakarta and grew up in Bekasi. My father's from Yogyakarta, while my mother's from Jakarta.

Since graduating from school, I've worked in several companies in Jakarta, but now I work as a stay at home wife. I got married in May 2017 with a loving and kindhearted man named Farkhan. My husband came from Banjarnegara, but after marriage we lived in our house in Bekasi.

This is my personal blog, so it can be considered as my diary. The reason why I made this blog basically because I really love to read, write, & share things that I like with others through writing.

I hope everything I share here can be useful to anyone who reads it. At least hopefully this blog is quite interesting to read. Anw, thank you for dropping by. 😊

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